From the first tentative cuts into the smooth surface of the lino.The sometimes discreet marks and aggressive scratches to the metal plate, that combined with the subtly of aquatint, bring you to the true beauty of the etched image.The freedom, the detail and the power of the monotype.The

texture and feel that is the collagraph.Through to the true graphic of

the silkscreen.

    This is the journey into the inspirational world and disciplines of traditional printmaking. Such an incredible series of unique expressions that leave the soul bare

to the eye and then that moment ‘BON A TIRER’


On the light box, attention to detail

Onto the bench, wiping photo etched plate

    My printmaking is an interpretation of ; my visual thoughts, my graphic and photographic imagery and a desire to probe and explore the intriguing world of the unique printed form.
    Through the mediums of : collagraphs, monotypes, solar plate etching and photo etching, I produce contemporary editions and unique prints, that encompass landscapes, seascapes, architecture, and my specific interest - ‘militaria through

the ages'.

At the press, the moment of truth

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